3 steps to a Thriving Facebook Group!

3 steps to a Thriving Facebook Group!

A friend invited you to lunch and said it was her treat. You showed up at the restaurant and spent a few minutes in small talk... 

But after the drinks arrive, your friend starts with the sales pitch. She’s trying to sell you her latest product.

You feel trapped. It’s not that you mind hearing about your friend’s product.

But it’s not what you showed up for...

​You came to spend time with your friend, not to spend time with an advertisement.
​Unfortunately, this scenario plays out for thousands of people on social media. Maybe you’ve experienced it, too. 

You joined a group around a common interest and you wanted to discuss it with other people. But instead, all you’re getting is a string of lame ads.

Avoid Spamming Your Members
Don’t make the mistake of doing this to your Facebook group. You may feel that because members joined they must be interested in your products or services. But that’s rarely the case. Most members join Facebook groups looking for community. They want to find people that love the same things they love.

So, how do you avoid becoming a walking advertisement in your own Facebook group? Simply share valuable content. Give your members actionable tips they can implement today. Post a link to a news article that affects your niche.

Focus on Serving
Business owners that spam their audience do it because they haven’t learned the value of serving their tribe. Instead of focusing on how they can create a great customer experience, they’re focused on how they can make that next dollar.

You can set yourself and your group apart by serving your tribe. Give your members special perks they can’t get anywhere else. For example, if your group is all about calligraphy, create a cheat sheet that covers what a beginner needs to know to get started.

Create a special report that highlights the best tools for newbie calligraphers. Include affiliate links where appropriate then share this resource with your Facebook group.

Protect Your Members
Nothing’s worse than a thriving Facebook group that’s been invaded by spammers. As a group creator, you need to personally vet every new member of your group. Only allow people who are genuinely interested in your niche to become a member.

Keep in mind that once your group becomes popular, you’ll begin to get offers from marketers.

​They’ll want you to push their products at your members. If you like the product and it will be helpful to your group, then go ahead and promote it.

But if the product isn’t a good match or the product creator lacks integrity, then take a pass on the opportunity. It’s your job to protect your members and guard them against sleazy product sellers.

In order to make your Facebook group thrive, you have to nurture it. Spend time every day growing your group and you’ll soon have an active, engaged fan base.

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