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📣 Creating Great Hooks That Grab Your Audience's Attention

📣 Creating Great Hooks That Grab Your Audience's Attention

The internet is a crowded place where your message is competing with thousands of others. The average reader is in a hurry, distracted, and has a short attention span. Throw in the fact that the algorithm decides what gets seen, and your message can easily get lost. How can you ensure potential clients or customers see your message?

Crafting a great hook is a proven way to boost engagement while building your content writing confidence, leading to improved traffic, higher conversion rates, better sales, and improved profits. Keep reading to learn how to create scroll-stopping hooks, no matter your niche!

📣 Your Hook or Headline Must Grab the Prospect's Attention

Create curiosity, make a promise, ask a question, or say something unbelievable with your headline. Whatever you do, you absolutely must grab your prospect's attention to get them to read your post, email, blog, etc.

The greatest content in the world never gets read if your headline stinks. And remember, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention.

To be effective, each hook or headline needs to accomplish these four objectives: Create Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (A.I.D.A)

✅ It should attract attention.

✅ It should pique interest or curiosity.

✅ It should refer to readers’ desires, which often include solutions to problems.

✅ Lastly, it should motivate action.

When your headline covers several of these things well, you’ve got a click-worthy, effective hook!

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Remember hooks & headlines are the most important copywriting element in your posts, emails, ads, sales pages, and everything else that you write. It’s so important because you have only a few seconds to get readers hooked. If your audience isn’t compelled to read more, your headline isn’t effective.

Here's an Example:

In this example, you'll see the headline hooks the reader or viewer into reading more. Remember the hook is the angle of your headline... It’s the narrative you’re telling throughout your copy.

John Caples created one of the best hooks with his headline, “They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano, but When I Started to Play...”

This headline makes readers curious. Most people automatically feel for the underdog so when the hero of the headline is laughed at, they want to see him surprise everyone. That’s the hook that catches the audience and demands they read the rest of the text.

You can have an amazing article or sales letter but without a compelling headline, no one will read it. The best headlines make readers curious enough to click.

Try These 6 Hook Formats:

#1 Problem

_____ Little Known Ways to _____________

  • 5 little known ways to stoke the algorithm
  • How network marketers can grow their presence on social media without getting overwhelmed.
  • 3 little known ways organizers declutter

#2 Curiosity

How Much ___________ Is Too Much?

  • How much water is too much?
  • How many posts are too many?
  • Curious to read more? The secret to ________
  • Are you making these mistakes with ________

#3 Question

Are You Fed up with __________?

  • Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting?
  • Are you ready to make the algorithm work for you?
  • Want to know how I hit 6 figures in 60 days?

#4 Contrast

How _________ (unexpected solution) can help you _____________ (pain)

  • How coffee can help you get more sleep
  • How posting less can help you show up more
  • How actually doing less can help you achieve more

#5 Proof

What _________ (target market) do when they have __________ (pain)

  • What organizers do when they need to declutter
  • What fitness instructors do when they have low energy
  • What skincare professionals do when then need to brighten their look

#6 Promise

The Next Best Thing to _____________ (solve pain)

  • The next best thing to solve not being seen in the feed
  • Lose 10 pounds without a restrictive diet
  • How to get a brighter, whiter smile in 10 days
  • Learn how easy it is to schedule a year's work of content in less than an hour

Now It's Time to Take Action

Use one of these hooks to position your next post, email subject, blog to grab more attention and start getting the algorithm to work for you!


-Julie & Jess

Two women on a mission to help you clear the chaos and craft your dream business!

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