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5 Ways to Boost Organic Reach Without Paying for Ads

5 Ways to Boost Organic Reach Without Paying for Ads

Wish you could reach more people on social media without having to pay for Facebook or Instagram Ads?

Don't let Organic Reach get you down! 

Yes... Organic Reach - the number of people who organically see a piece of your content when you post - is lower than ever and it's causing a lot of frustration of the "lack of engagement"

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to get that reach up 🚀 that don't involve paid ads! 

5 Reasons Your Reach is so low and what you can do to boost your reach and get more engagement: 

  • Check your content! Make sure it's not all selling something. Provide value, make people laugh, and ask them seasonal questions.
  • Be consistent! The holy spirit moves in mysterious ways but you 👏 don't  👏have 👏 to! 👏 Decide when you can stick to regular posts and stick with them! Ex. Every day at 9am and 7pm.  
  • Start conversations! The goal of every post should be to insight a comment! Ask questions people don't mind answering. Go off-topic occasionally (seasonal content is great) to broaden your reach! 
  • Be authentic! Copying other people's content verbatim won't attract your people and neither will pretending to be someone you're not. Show your struggles and let people join in on your journey! 
  • Get better timing! If a post flops, try a different time. Boosting organic reach is all about that initial engagement... if you post at a time when your ideal person isn't online, the post won't get engagement, and it will lose momentum fast. Adjust your timing to see what works best! 

These 5 things will help you get more engagement and more viewers on social media without having to pay for more exposure. A double-win if you ask us! 

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Post Ideas for Feb 7 - 13th!
  • Ask an engaging question - Describe your best Valentine's Day experience ever?
  • Wednesday 2/9 is National Pizza Day - Ask an engaging question about favorite toppings, style, etc. 
  • Sunday 2/13 is Super Bowl Sunday- Ask your audience if they watch the big game or not!

Just FYI, there are even more posts for this week like these that have a beautiful image and prewritten text in our Your Social Plan Monthly Membership... so if you want more than just post ideas and you're ready for that Copy, Paste, Post 🙌 Lifestyle, go check out the details of becoming a member!

Social Posts

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Super easy, right? That's how we roll! 


-Julie & Jess

Two women on a mission to help you clear the chaos and craft your dream business!

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