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55 Unique & Engaging Post Ideas for July Holidays!

55 Unique & Engaging Post Ideas for July Holidays!

As a business owner, leveraging social media platforms is essential for building your brand and engaging with your audience. With July approaching, it's time to plan your social media content around the exciting holidays that this month brings.

Once you decide on which holidays you'd like to celebrate on social media in July, be sure to create and execute your content calendar for July! Learn more about exactly how to do that in this blog: What to Post on Social Media in July to Get More Engagement!

Create a social media content calendar for July to get more engagement and reach more people on social media. Use our July Your Social Plan for done-for-you and engaging content perfect for your business built right in.

Whether you're celebrating Canada Day, Independence Day, or National Avocado Day, we've got you covered with 55 post ideas across various niches. Get ready to captivate your audience and maximize your social media marketing efforts in July.

Canada Day (July 1st):

  • Share interesting facts about Canada's history or landmarks, such as the beautiful Niagara Falls or the iconic CN Tower.

  • Feature Canadian artists, musicians, or authors to support local talent and spark conversations about Canadian culture.

  • Showcase Canadian products or local businesses to encourage your audience to shop local and embrace Canadian-made goods.

  • Ask your Canadian audience to share their favorite Canadian destinations and engage in discussions about travel and exploration.

  • Run a Canada-themed giveaway or contest where participants can win a patriotic prize pack or Canadian-themed merchandise.

Independence Day (July 4th):

  • Share patriotic quotes or images that evoke the spirit of Independence Day and inspire pride in your American audience.

  • Offer exclusive Independence Day discounts or promotions to incentivize customers to shop with your business during this holiday.

  • Host a BBQ recipe contest and encourage followers to share their best recipes for a chance to win a grilling essentials package.

  • Share safety tips for handling fireworks to ensure a joyful and accident-free celebration.

  • Create a playlist of popular American songs for Independence Day celebrations, setting the mood for parties and gatherings.

National Bikini Day (July 5th):

  • Feature your latest bikini collection with model photoshoots, showcasing different styles and highlighting the unique features of each design.

  • Provide styling tips for different body types, empowering your audience to feel confident and comfortable in their swimwear.

  • Highlight body positivity and celebrate diverse bikini styles, emphasizing that everybody is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.

  • Share beach workout routines or fitness tips to inspire your audience to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the summer.

  • Collaborate with influencers to showcase their favorite bikinis and encourage your audience to share their own summer fashion looks.

World Chocolate Day (July 7th):

  • Showcase your chocolate products with mouth-watering images, enticing your audience to indulge in delicious treats.

  • Share interesting chocolate facts or trivia, such as the history of chocolate or its health benefits, to educate and engage your audience.

  • Collaborate with a local bakery for a chocolate-themed giveaway, offering a box of assorted chocolates or a chocolate dessert platter.

  • Create a recipe video featuring a decadent chocolate dessert, providing step-by-step instructions for your audience to recreate at home.

  • Ask your audience to vote for their favorite chocolate treat from your menu, encouraging them to interact and share their preferences.

National Simplicity Day (July 12th):

  • Share minimalist home decor inspiration, providing tips on decluttering, organizing, and creating serene living spaces.

  • Offer tips for simplifying daily routines, such as time management techniques or efficient productivity hacks.

  • Encourage followers to share their favorite ways to simplify their daily routines, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

  • Provide mindfulness exercises or meditation techniques to promote mental well-being and inner calmness.

  • Share book recommendations on simplicity and living a minimalist lifestyle, inspiring your audience to explore the benefits of simplicity in different aspects of their lives.

World Emoji Day (July 17th):

  • Create an emoji-based quiz or game for followers to participate in, challenging them to decode popular movie titles or guess the meaning behind emoji combinations.

  • Ask followers to share their favorite emojis and their meanings, sparking conversations about the different ways emojis are used and interpreted.

  • Use emojis creatively to tease upcoming product launches or announcements, creating intrigue and excitement among your audience.

  • Share a funny or relatable story using emojis only, encouraging your followers to engage and share their own emoji stories in the comments.

  • Run a contest where followers have to guess the movie titles represented by emojis, offering a prize to the participant with the highest number of correct answers.

Celebrate World Emoji Day on social media on July 17th! Save time and get more engagement with done-for-you content by purchasing the July Daily Posting Plan by Socially Inclined.

National Hot Dog Day (third Wednesday in July):

  • Showcase unique hot dog recipes or toppings, such as gourmet combinations or regional specialties, to inspire your audience's taste buds.

  • Collaborate with local food vendors for hot dog promotions, featuring special collaborations or exclusive menu items available for a limited time.

  • Create a poll to determine followers' favorite hot dog condiments, encouraging them to share their preferences and engage in friendly debates.

  • Share behind-the-scenes footage of your hot dog preparation process, giving your audience a glimpse into the artistry and care that goes into crafting the perfect hot dog.

  • Offer a limited-time hot dog menu with special discounts, enticing your followers to visit your establishment and try your delicious offerings.

National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday in July):

  • Share mouth-watering images of your ice cream flavors, showcasing the vibrant colors and tempting textures to evoke cravings in your audience.

  • Conduct a taste test with different ice cream flavors and ask followers to vote for their favorite, generating excitement and friendly competition.

  • Collaborate with influencers for ice cream-themed content or recipes, featuring their favorite ice cream combinations or DIY ice cream recipes.

  • Create an infographic showcasing fun ice cream facts, such as the most popular flavors or the history of ice cream.

  • Host an ice cream social media giveaway or contest, where followers can enter to win a year's supply of ice cream or a gift card to your ice cream shop.

World Nature Conservation Day (July 28th):

  • Share tips for eco-friendly living and reducing environmental impact, such as recycling tips, energy-saving techniques, or sustainable shopping practices.

  • Highlight your business's sustainability efforts or initiatives, showcasing the steps you are taking to minimize your ecological footprint.

  • Showcase local conservation organizations and encourage followers to support them, promoting awareness and generating support for environmental causes.

  • Organize a community cleanup event and invite followers to participate, fostering a sense of community engagement and environmental stewardship.

  • Share stunning nature photos and ask followers to share their own nature experiences, creating a virtual gallery of beautiful landscapes and encouraging a love for nature.

International Day of Friendship (July 30th):

  • Celebrate your loyal customers and followers by featuring their stories, testimonials, or pictures, expressing gratitude for their support and friendship.

  • Ask followers to tag their best friends and share what makes their friendship special, promoting meaningful connections and engagement.

  • Offer a "buy one, get one free" promotion for friends who purchase together, encouraging them to share the experience and bring more business to your establishment.

  • Share heartwarming friendship quotes or inspirational stories that reflect the value of true friendship.

  • Run a social media contest where followers can nominate their best friend for a special prize, allowing them to express appreciation and potentially win a memorable gift for their friendship.

National Avocado Day (July 31st):

  • Create a video tutorial showcasing unique ways to incorporate avocados into meals beyond guacamole, such as avocado brownies or avocado smoothies.

  • Share a collection of delicious avocado toast recipes with different toppings and variations, such as avocado toast with poached eggs or avocado toast with smoked salmon.

  • Feature local farmers or suppliers who provide fresh avocados and promote the importance of supporting local agriculture and sustainable sourcing.

  • Collaborate with a nutritionist to share the health benefits of avocados and their role in a balanced diet, providing valuable information to your audience.

  • Run a social media contest where followers can share their most creative avocado-based recipe for a chance to win a prize, encouraging them to get creative in the kitchen and share their culinary creations.

  • Host a live cooking session where you demonstrate how to make avocado-based dishes, engaging with your audience in real time and answering their questions.

Celebrate National Avocado Day on social media on July 31st! Save time and get more engagement with done-for-you content by purchasing the July Daily Posting Plan by Socially Inclined.

In this blog post, we've provided you with 55 engaging social media post ideas for various July holidays, including Canada Day, Independence Day, National Bikini Day, World Chocolate Day, National Simplicity Day, World Emoji Day, National Hot Dog Day, National Ice Cream Day, World Nature Conservation Day, International Day of Friendship, and National Avocado Day.

These ideas span across different niches and offer opportunities to connect with your audience, promote your brand, and foster engagement.

Remember to tailor these ideas to suit your specific business, niche, and brand identity for the best results. Get creative, have fun, and make the most out of the exciting July holidays on social media!


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