7 Great Topic Ideas to Use in Your Facebook Group!

7 Great Topic Ideas to Use in Your Facebook Group!
You started your Facebook group because you understood the potential power of this social media powerhouse. You also understand that any social media site requires frequent and regular engagement. So, what do you talk about? What are the types of things you need to mention or ask about to keep your followers engaged, and to know what is on their minds? 

If you are running out of ideas for discussion with the members of your Facebook group, try the following 7 awesome ideas-starters in your group!
1 – What Is Your Biggest Problem Concerning _____ ?

Fill in the blank with some topic that has to do with the niche or market you are involved in. If you are in the weight loss industry, a simple question to ask here would be, "What is your biggest problem concerning losing weight and keeping it off?"

2 – Go Randomly Off-Topic

You have no doubt seen the unending number and variety of topics that your Facebook friends chat about from one moment to the next. People love Facebook because there are no written rules about what they should or should not be talking about. You should frequently use the elements of surprise and randomness to engage the creative brains of your Facebook group, mentioning a topic that has nothing to do with your industry or market.

3 – Reveal Your Personality

People on Facebook want to get to know you. If they joined your group, there was a reason. Perhaps they were interested in the topic of your market or niche, but when all is said and done, they will only stay active in your group if they are attracted to you in some way. 

You need to frequently weave your unique personality into your posts and updates on Facebook. This includes not only your personal page but your groups as well.

4 – Promote Others

Why not host a Fearless Promotion Friday? One day every week, at a specified time, update your Facebook group with a post that offers to promote the infographics, blog posts, Twitter tweets, Facebook pages or other online marketing efforts of your group members. 

This develops respect and trust with the people in your group, and can also reveal some wonderful opportunities at joint venture agreements and cross-promotions with others.

5 – Talk about Goal Setting and Achievement

This works especially good in November and December, but is applicable anytime of the year. Ask your audience, "What’s the#1 goal you want to achieve this/next month/year?" Recording all of the information you get from the answers your Facebook group members provide gives you a wonderfully insightful idea of just what your market is looking for help accomplishing.

6 – "What Is Your Favorite Book on ___ ?"

You can ask that question several times a year and your audience will never get tired of answering it. You may want to ask about their favorite book regarding some topic that relates to your business or industry. Frankly, you can ask about a book in any genre or field, and you will get several responses that start engaging discussions. 
PRO TIP! Use a daily engagement post (Like our 365 B2B Engagement Post Bundle) or question to get the conversation going and keep that visibility growing! 

7 – Ask Simple, 2 Choice Questions

"Coffee or tea?" "Boxers or briefs?" "Cats or dogs?" The simplicity of these 2 choice questions makes them incredibly quick and easy to post, and you can do so in just a few seconds. Although they seem very straightforward, the discussions and conversations that they can create can be rather in-depth and enjoyable.
Remember, it is your choice whether or not to make these questions industry-relevant, but you build engagement and your online presence no matter what you ask about.

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