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8 Caption & Copywriting Tips to Get More Engagement

8 Caption & Copywriting Tips to Get More Engagement

When it comes to growing your business on social media, nothing is more important that your content! If you aren't putting out engaging content that speaks to your audience, then you're business and brand will struggle. 

Caption writing and knowing what to say (and what not to say) is key! That's what this blog is going to help you with. Keep reading below or watch this replay of our live training on 8 Caption & Copywriting Tips to Get More Engagement! 

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8 Caption & Copywriting Tips to Get More Engagement!  

When you learn about copywriting, one of the first things you realize is that the sentence structure is a little different than what your English teacher may have taught you in compositional English. So, the first thing to do to improve your copywriting is to throw out what you learned in those courses.

1. Break Grammer Rules – Write like you'd say it. As mentioned above, it’s important to throw out what your English teacher taught you. Effective copywriting means that you’re going to break grammar rules to get your point across. You’re going to start sentences with “And” and use personal pronouns, and more.

2. Know Your Audience – Never stop researching your audience and the product. Knowing stats, facts, and information to back up the things you say will go far with your audience if you know them and it shows. It’s going to make everything you write, say, or do much more relatable to the audience.

3. Mind the Visuals – Just as important as the words you choose to use, are the visuals you use as well. In social posts, this looks like emojis, space, and appropriate use of capitalized letters. In blogs and sales pages, it looks like font choices, colors, images, and page layout. Chunky content looks best because lists and headlines break up long pages of text. Images and colors bring out your point and define the emotions you want your audience to feel. And, of course, the font needs to be easily readable to your audience.

4. Get Personal – This is where your English teacher’s head might spin, but you will need to use personal pronounces to become better relatable to your audience. You want to be super personal so that your audience relates to you and trusts you to steer them in the right direction.

5. Optimize the Headlines – The headlines you create are almost more important than the content because, without good headlines, no one is going to read the rest of the information. If you can create awesome headlines that are optimized to get attention, hint at what’s inside, and make the reader curious to continue, you will convert more. Get 1:1 help writing scroll-stopping headlines in our weekly Content Class. It's part of our Socially Inclined Academy Program.

6. K.I.S.S. – Don’t try to be too clever with your choice of words. Keeping it simple is an important part of better copywriting. You want to explain things to your readers in a simple way that gets the point across and doesn’t confuse them. If you are having issues explaining any type of concept in a simple way, you may need to do more research.

7. Tell a Story – Everyone can relate to stories and case studies. If you can tell a story using descriptive language that brings your audience feelings and thoughts that you want them to have, you’re going to convert a lot more than if you are too direct without relatable and humanized examples.

8. It’s about Them – You’ve heard this before, but it cannot be repeated enough. When you are trying to get an audience to buy something, you must always remember that it’s about them, not you. Tell them the benefits of your solution rather than the features, and you’ll win them over faster.



You can make your caption and copywriting better using these tips and tricks of the trade. Professionals are always learning about the trends, tricks, and tips that work best and you can learn them too. Caption writing is a skill that you can learn if you put your mind to it.

-Julie & Jess

Two women on a mission to help you clear the chaos and craft your dream business!

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