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8 Steps You Can't Miss When Setting Up Your Group

8 Steps You Can't Miss When Setting Up Your Group

Looking to promote your Facebook Group and attract new members? Or perhaps you started a Facebook Group but it's just not creating the community, warming the leads, and making the sales you hoped it would?

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Here are 8 crucial steps you likely missed when setting up your Facebook Group (that are holding you back)!

1. Know who your members should be.

Just like you'll have trouble making sales if you don't know who your ideal client is, you'll struggle to build a vibrant, engaged community if you're all willy-nilly about who your group members are too! So get crystal clear on who your ideal group member is. Use a targeted Group Member Avatar Worksheet like the one in this bundle so you aren't just guessing!

This will help you create targeted content that resonates with your audience and attracts new members who are a good fit for the Group.  And no matter what you do, DO NOT mass invite your friend's list to your group. You'll end up with a bunch of people in your group who have ZERO interest in your topic and what you're selling! 

2. Design a Group name that accurately reflects its purpose and what members can expect.

This is the number one way people looking to find groups to join in your niche will find you, so make it count. Avoid being cutesy or abstract here... instead, make it descriptive and clear.

Take our Socially Inclined Group for Example: We could have named it something like "Social Insiders" or  "Get Socially Inclined" but that leaves a TON of what we do to the imagination... so we named it "Socially Inclined - Social Media Tips, Tricks & Training to Grow Your Biz" leaving zero question as to what it is we do and how we serve our group members!

Strive to name your group something that is both branded and descriptive at the same time! This will help users remember and find it later, both on and off of Facebook. Your group’s name should also be included in any promotional materials you create.

3. Write a Group description that is clear and concise about what potential members can expect.

This is the first thing users will see when they come across your Group, so make sure it immediately captures their interest by answering any questions about what the Group is all about. This is NOT the place to deliver your life's story or establish a ton of expertise, instead lead with the benefits they can expect to get from joining your group! Don’t forget to include specific instructions on how users can join or get more information about the Group.

If you need help writing a Killer Group Description Script that will help people find you, we've included a script to help you do that here

Your group description should also include a call to action to join your group and BONUS points if you include a clickable link to your best freebie - that way if they don't join your group, at least you've still captured their email address!  


4. Use relevant keywords in your Group’s title, description, and content to help people find it more easily.

Let's talk SEO for Facebook Groups for a minute, shall we! That's right... SEO techniques should NOT be reserved for your website... you should be using them across all of your social media platforms but especially your Facebook Group!

Why incorporate keywords into your title, description, and content? Because Facebook is a huge search engine too and if you include your keywords, Facebook will help connect you with more of the right people. For example, if your Group is about social media marketing specifically for small businesses, be sure to include relevant keywords and phrases like “small business tips,” “marketing on a budget,” or “how to grow a business.”

Clueless about SEO for your Facebook Group? Get the SEO for Your Group Checklist here.

5. Create a Group Cover Photo that captures the essence of your Group and looks inviting.

Make the "dress on the rack" look like something they want to try on! In other words, take some time to create an attractive cover photo that encourages action. This will make users more likely to check out your Group, so be sure it’s visually appealing, relevant, and interesting! Make sure it includes a clear call to action as well, such as “Join this Group for tips and tricks on parenting!”

6. Keep your Group’s content fresh and engaging by regularly adding new and relevant content.

This will keep users coming back for more, and it will also help to attract new members who are looking for similar content.

  • Make a content plan, and stick to it! Remember consistency is the key to social media success.
  • Post regularly to keep your members engaged and help maintain a positive atmosphere. You may also want to hold regular events in-person or online, such as webinars or Q&A sessions, which can help attract new members and keep existing ones coming back.
  • Keep up with current trends on Facebook to stay relevant and interesting to your members. This includes adding new content, features, or functionality to your Group as well as updating the look and feel of your Group on a regular basis. Remember, change is good!

7. Be active, engaging, and responsive within your Group.

Post content regularly and encourage interaction among members by asking questions, leading discussions, and offering helpful advice. This will create a sense of community within your group to keep members coming back.

Keep an eye on activity within your Group and take action if necessary. This includes removing any spam posts, as well as moderating discussions to make sure they stay on topic.

  • Take the time to thank your members for their participation. This helps create a sense of community and makes people feel appreciated, both of which can encourage further engagement within the Group.
  • Use Facebook Insights to track engagement metrics for your Group, such as member growth and the number of posts. This will help you monitor the success of your efforts over time, identify areas that need improvement, and make any necessary changes that may be needed to increase Group membership or engagement.
  • Take advantage of Group features, such as pinned posts and announced posts, to highlight important content and ensure it’s seen by all members. This is a great way to promote events, share news, or provide information that may be of interest to your members.

8. Finally, promote your group regularly through your other social media channels and on your website or blog.

This will help you reach a wider audience, which can lead to more members and increased engagement with the Group. Utilize Facebook advertising to reach new potential members who may not be aware of your Group otherwise. Make sure your ads are targeted to individuals who would be interested in joining, based on factors such as age, location, and interests.

By following these tips, you will set your Group up for success and ensure it’s engaging, active, and relevant for years to come. You will be able to successfully promote your Facebook Group and attract new members! Just remember to be consistent with your content and promoting strategy.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these 8 tips today and by next week, you could be enjoying the benefits of an engaged community that can’t wait to see your next post. And by next month, you could have a group that is converting leads and making sales for you!

And if you are looking for exact steps, professional guidance, and done-for-you content that will help you grow, engage, and sell in your group EFFORTLESSLY, allow us to introduce you to a product that will help with all of those things ! 

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