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9 Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out This Holiday Season

9 Ways to Make Your Marketing Emails Stand Out This Holiday Season

Wondering how to get the most out of your email marketing efforts this holiday season?

Email marketing during the holiday season requires some special measures to ensure that your message is heard through the noise everyone else is making during the holidays. Marketing has to always be happening, but you should ramp it up a little bit during the holidays due to everyone else doing the same.

Here are 9 ways to make your business stand out from the crowd this holiday season:

* Plan Ahead – You want to be noticed, so plan ahead so that you can figure out how your emails will stand out compared to other people’s emails. Plan your titles, headlines, and subject matter so that it’s interesting and to the point for your audience.

* Create Email Series – Don’t just make one email about a particular topic. Instead, make email series about a particular topic. For example, instead of one email called Eight Reasons You Need Algebra, you can create eight emails - one for each reason.

* Engage with Your Audience – Spruce up your profiles and your social networks, and really engage with your audience. A lot of them will have more time off during the holidays, so it’s a good time to impress them with your knowledge.

* Remember Your CTAs – Every single email you send should include a CTA. Not every call to action has to be about selling something. Some of the CTAs that you add to your emails will be about joining you on Facebook or about signing up for a free challenge.

* Incentivize Your Audience – Give them a reason to want to buy from you by making bundles, offering discounts, donating to a charity or by having a Christmas party. Whatever it takes to get your audience excited about making purchases should be done.

* Focus on Benefits – In any message you create, you have to remember it’s all about benefits. How does it benefit your customers for them to agree to let you email them? How does it benefit your customers to buy the upgraded version?

* Rethink Your Headlines – During the holidays it’s okay to try to add a little bling to your headlines by mentioning the holiday, but only if you’ve studied your audience enough to know whether or not they like the holiday you’re mentioning.

* Segment Your Users – As with any other time of year, it’s important to segment your users into different groups. For example, people who came into your funnel by buying product A should be on the list that talks to people who bought product A.

* Test, Test, Test – Always look at the metrics. Study based on your goals, and what you plan to accomplish for the campaign. You can’t know if anything worked unless you study the metrics.

If you want to be successful with your email marketing during the holidays, it’s important to get a head start as well as know exactly what you’re promoting, to whom and why. You’ll be able to boost your holiday sales even more with the right email marketing strategy.

Did you find these holiday marketing ideas helpful?  

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