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How the MVP Posting Strategy Will Help Grow Your Online Presence

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Every business owner knows that having a relevant social media presence is no longer optional. It's a necessity. But with countless social media strategies out there, how do you decide which one will drive the most engagement and growth?

Well, to know which strategy you need, you have to know what you're trying to accomplish, and our bet is that you're looking to get better engagement and reach with your social media content.

The MVP Posting Strategy: Crafted Specifically to Help Your Small Business Get More Engagement and Reach on Social Media.

How did we know that you could use a little more engagement on your social posts? 

The #1 Question we hear from 1,000s of small business owners a year is: How do I get more engagement?

Well, let's talk about that for a minute. It will help you a ton when creating your social media content plan!

Here's the answer to "How do I get more engagement on social media?"

The short answer is to stop making it about yourself! But let's dig a little deeper than that! 

Even if your social media content creation game is top-notch, your content will fall flat if you don't do the right things to get engagement. And you likely can relate... You spend hours on the most beautiful graphic and well-thought-out copy and it gets zero engagement!? You're not alone!

The urge to sell our products and services so we can support ourselves and grow our business can actually stop you from standing out and connecting with your audience. But don't worry, we designed our unique posting strategy to help you fix that!

It's time to implement the MVP Social Media Posting Strategy – Motivation, Visibility, and Presence. Get ready to easier, stress-free social growth! 


What is the MVP Social Media Posting Strategy by Socially Inclined?

Unique to Socially Inclined, the MVP Strategy is a game-changer in the world of social media marketing. It's all about finding the right balance to drive engagement and growth. The key is to go beyond traditional self-promotion and offer content that motivates, engages, and showcases your brand's presence.

In today's world, you need more than just promotional posts and never-ending social media content ideas to capture your audience's attention. An "all promotion" approach may lead people to scroll past your content, signaling to algorithms that they don't want to see more.

 The MVP Strategy fosters diverse content, leading to increased engagement and reach, building deeper connections with your followers.


Understanding the MVP Strategy

The MVP Strategy is built on three pillars: Motivation, Visibility, and Presence.

  • Motivation to Attract: These are posts that inspire your audience and build a positive association with your brand. They could be motivational quotes, success stories, or anything that ignites a spark and motivates your audience to achieve more.

  • Visibility to Engage: These posts are designed to draw attention to your business and what makes it unique. They can include engaging questions, holidays, seasonal activities, conversation starters, national days, polls, and more.

  • Presence to Connect: These posts focus on industry-related content that positions your brand as a thought leader. They demonstrate your expertise and show that you're in tune with the latest trends and updates in your industry.

The MVP Strategy’s strength lies in its balance, combining motivational content, visibility-promoting materials, and industry-focused information to maximize your social media impact.


How Does the MVP Strategy Work?

Picture rolling a snowball down a hill. Each time you make a Motivation, Visibility, or Presence post, you gently push that snowball, gradually expanding your audience and reach. Over time, these efforts compound, creating a powerful snowball effect. But remember, consistency is key, and patience is your ally.


How do I use this strategy for my posts? 

To maximize the MVP Strategy, simply create content that aligns with its principles:

  • Motivation Posts to Attract: Inspire, entertain, and resonate emotionally with your audience to build a connection.
  • Visibility Posts to Engage: Encourage interaction, comments, and shares to foster relationships and expand your reach.
  • Presence Posts to Connect: Showcase your expertise, products, and services to establish authority and trust in your industry.

Anyone can use this social media content strategy to get more engagement and reach on social media. But social media content creation takes a lot of time. And let's face it, you're busy! So instead of trying to implement this strategy yourself, consider Socially Suite for Small Businesses and enjoy tons of done-for-you monthly content centered around the MVP strategy loaded into a powerful social media dashboard every single month.

a mock up of the Socially Suite Posting Automation Dashboard showing health and fitness content as an example. Socially Suite provides high-quality, predesigned content for 100+ niches preloaded into a powerful social media scheduler. 


The Power of Patience and Consistency

Remember, success on social media doesn't happen overnight. It takes time for your audience to consistently engage with your content and for algorithms to expose your posts to a broader audience. Stay patient, trust the process, and be consistent with your efforts. The MVP Strategy (as well as everything in this social media content plan) is a long-term approach that builds credibility and transforms followers into loyal customers.


How Your Social Plan and Socially Suite Harness the MVP Strategy

Your Social Plan and Socially Suite are two powerful tools designed around the MVP Strategy. However, they utilize it in distinct ways, catering to different business needs.

Your Social Plan delivers a monthly content plan filled with a balanced mix of Motivation, Visibility, and Presence posts. This service provides you with an array of content, including images, Canva templates, captions, and hashtags that are ready to be customized, copied, pasted, and posted whenever you like. This DIY solution offers you the flexibility to maintain control over when and where you post.

Socially Suite, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive approach, providing a robust social media marketing dashboard. This done-for-you service schedules up to three daily posts (Motivation, Visibility, Presence) directly to your selected networks. It also includes additional growth features such as marketing automation campaigns and an AI writer for crafting all types of marketing content.


Which One is Right for You? Your Social Plan or Socially Suite?

Choosing the right tool depends on your business needs, budget, and how much time you can dedicate to social media management. Your Social Plan is a cost-effective, flexible solution, perfect for hands-on business owners who prefer to be involved in their social media content management.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a hands-off, comprehensive solution that includes not only content creation but also scheduling, posting, and additional marketing features, then Socially Suite could be your go-to choice.

Regardless of the tool you select, you can rest assured knowing both adhere to the proven MVP Strategy, designed to effectively attract, engage, and connect with your audience, promoting growth and a powerful online presence.

A comparison of the features of both Your Social Plan and Socially Suite. Regardless of the tool you select, you can rest assured knowing both adhere to the proven MVP Strategy, designed to effectively attract, engage, and connect with your audience, promoting growth and a powerful online presence.

Ready to boost your social media presence and grow your business with the MVP Strategy? Decide which solution fits your needs best and take action today! Sign up for Your Social Plan or Start your journey with Socially Suite to supercharge your social media marketing!

A Strategy to Take Action and Grow with Social Media Marketing

The key to successful social media marketing lies in strategic planning and execution. With the proven MVP Strategy at the core of their approach, both Your Social Plan and Socially Suite offer unparalleled tools to enhance your online presence, attract, engage, and connect with your target audience.

Whether you're looking for a ready-to-post, done-for-you content plan that you can tweak and post at your leisure, or a comprehensive, hands-off social media scheduling and growth tool, both Your Social Plan and Socially Suite can elevate your social media marketing game.

The MVP Strategy is more than a simple method — it's a dynamic process tailored to cater to your audience's diverse needs while promoting your brand's visibility. Make the smart move. Choose the tool that best fits your needs and kickstart your journey to social media success today. Try Your Social Plan now or Get started with Socially Suite for a robust social media marketing solution. Your audience awaits!

Remember, a strong social media presence isn't just about broadcasting your message; it's about understanding and connecting with your audience. It's time to motivate, be visible, and maintain a robust industry presence with the MVP Strategy. Let's get Socially Inclined!

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