How to Create an Amazing Logo for Your Online Brand

How to Create an Amazing Logo for Your Online Brand

If you want to make a big impact on social media, one of the key factors is to have strong branding and an excellent logo.

One of the big roles of social media is to help you promote your brand and increase visibility. At the same time though, a great logo will also help to make your brand appear more professional and it will ensure that there is consistency between all of your different channels.

This especially true if your in direct sales and need to stand out about all the other reps, coaches, consultants, etc. 

If the same professional looking logo is used everywhere from your Twitter account to your Facebook account, then these will become linked in the minds of your visitors and that will send a clear message. But in order for this message to be a positive one, that logo needs to look the part.

So how do you go about designing a great logo for your social media campaign?

It starts by ensuring that your logo is high quality and that it looks professional. To accomplish that, you either need to have the right tools and know-how yourself, or you need to hire someone who does.

One thing that is crucial here is that your logo be made with a vector file. These are files that are easy to edit and that don’t lose any quality when they are resized. It’s what will ensure your logo always looks maximum quality.

Of course the design is also very important and in an ideal scenario, you will ensure that both the image itself and the name of your company together tell a story of what your brand is about.

So for example, if you are a fitness brand then you need to make sure that’s immediately apparent. 

And not only should your viewers be able to see that you’re a fitness brand, they should also be able to see what kind of fitness brand you are.

What’s your mission statement and ethos?

What kind of person will like this?

What kind of help you can provide... 

All from JUST your logo! 

The aim is to create a logo that when viewed with any one of your posts, makes the right kind of person instantly want to click subscribe because they feel that it’s exactly the kind of thing that they’re going to enjoy.
If you can manage that, then you should expect to see a huge increase in traffic and better engagement from the fans that you already have!

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