Marketing Monday: Why Video Content is getting more engagement than ever!

Marketing Monday: Why Video Content is getting more engagement than ever!

"Do I really have to post video content to be successful on social media?"

The short answer is: YES! If you want more engagement and to continually & organically reach new people, then you need to be working some regular video content into your marketing mix!

If it sounds scary, don't worry. Keep reading and watch our tips below for ways to ease into it!

Show up LIVE on Facebook as often as you can! If you can't stomach the idea of being live, try Reels, or prerecorded videos on your topic! 

Video format content (especially Live content) is getting more engagement than ever. Take advantage of this trend and post video content as much as you can! 

Here are some content ideas:

  • Top Tips! You provide your expertise and viewers don't have to watch in a certain order to get value.
  • Reviews! Gives you a topic to follow and your viewers a reason to ask questions.
  • AMAs! Ask Me Anythings! Perfect for discussing anything with your ideal clients.
  • Tours & Behind the Scenes! Show off your real side and watch the know like and trust build! 

This type of Live content allows us to communicate directly with an audience in a highly engaging manner. It’s not new, but it’s still exciting and it’s still growing rapidly!

The great news is, our done-for-you monthly content solution, Your Social Plan will help you skyrocket your engagement with done-for-you posts and provides you with an EASY to follow DAILY business building prompt each day! <-- Those prompts are PERFECT short video content ideas!

If you missed us LIVE earlier talking about Video Content ideas, watch the replay video:

Post Ideas of Jan 31st to Feb 6th!

  • Ask an engaging question - What is your #1 Goal in February?
  • Tuesday 2/1 is the Chinese New Year - Ask an engaging question or share some fun facts about this holiday. 
  • Wednesday 2/2 is Groundhog Day - Ask your audience if they are ready for spring or wish winter would stay!
  • Friday 2/4 is National Wear Red Day Remind your audience to "wear red" in support of the fight against heart disease in women. 

Just FYI, there are 12 engaging posts for this week like these that have a beautiful image and prewritten text in our Your Social Plan Monthly Membership... so if you want more than just post ideas and you're ready for that Copy, Paste, Post  Lifestyle, go check out the details of becoming a member!

Free Social Posts

Download this month's FREE Your Social Plan for more done-for-you Content. It's a great way to look like a PRO! 

The images are too big to post in this blog, so just visit our Get Socially Inclined Toolbox to grab them off of our website along with pre-written copy and hashtags. If you've already downloaded something from us, simply  LOGIN and head over to your Get Socially Inclined Toolbox!

Super easy, right? That's how we roll! 


Have a great week! 

-Julie & Jess

Julie and Jess Socially Inclined

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