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15 Social Media Holidays to Celebrate in May

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Engaging your audience on social media as a small business owner can be a challenge. Don't be afraid to use these simple holidays and events to fill your May social media content calendar. These celebrations offer an easy way to connect with a wider audience, increase visibility, and get people responding to your social media content.

While a solid foundation of business-relevant content is essential, incorporating entertaining holidays to your May social media content ideas adds a dynamic touch to increase engagement. 

a free downloadable May content calendar for small business owners.

From World Cocktail Day to International Nurses Day, these events cater to various interests, allowing your brand to create more connections than if you just stay on topic all the time. By participating actively, your brand becomes more relatable and approachable which creates a more positive brand perception (that's what we're all after).

Use these May social media holidays and let your brand's content shine.

May's Social Media Holidays List

Including these social media content ideas into your May social media content calendar establishes a fun rhythm that regularly engages your audience with entertaining and relatable content. This builds a sense of community, turning your platform into a sought after space to socialize.


1. World Cocktail Day (May 13)

Encourage followers to share their favorite cocktail recipes or host a virtual happy hour.

Example for a Bar: "Raising a glass to May! Share your favorite cocktails using #MayCocktailCheers. 🍹🥂"


2. International Nurses Day (May 12)

Show appreciation for healthcare professionals. Encourage followers to share their stories or thank a nurse.

Example for a Healthcare Brand: "Saluting nurses in May! Share your gratitude using #NurseHeroesMay. 👩‍⚕️💙"


3. National BBQ Day (May 16)

Perfect for food-related businesses! Share BBQ recipes, host virtual cook-offs, or collaborate with local grill masters.

Example for a Grill Store: "Grilling vibes in May! Share your BBQ creations using #MayBBQFiesta. 🥩🔥"


4. World Bee Day (May 20)

Highlight the importance of bees and environmental conservation. Share bee-friendly tips and facts.

Example for an Eco-conscious Brand: "Buzzing for bees in May! Share your eco-friendly actions using #BeeSustainableMay. 🐝🌼"


5. International Museum Day (May 18)

Celebrate the arts and culture. Share virtual museum tours, encourage followers to share their favorite artworks, or collaborate with local museums.

Example for an Art Gallery: "Exploring art in May! Share your favorite masterpieces using #ArtAdventuresMay. 🎨✨"


6. National Wine Day (May 25)

Perfect for wine enthusiasts! Share wine recommendations, host virtual tastings, or collaborate with local vineyards.

Example for a Winery: "Sipping into May! Share your favorite wines using #MayWineMoments. 🍷🌿"


7. International Day of Families (May 15)

Celebrate family bonds. Encourage followers to share family stories, traditions, or photos.

Example for a Family-oriented Brand: "Family love in May! Share your cherished moments using #MayFamilyTales. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💖"


8. National Smile Month (May 13 - June 13)

Spread positivity with smiles. Encourage followers to share their happy moments or create engaging smile-themed content.

Example for a Dental Clinic: "Smiling through May! Share your joyful grins using #MaySmileMoments. 😁🌸"


9. World Meditation Day (May 21)

Promote well-being. Share meditation tips, encourage mindfulness, or collaborate with local wellness experts.

Example for a Yoga Studio: "Zen vibes in May! Share your meditation moments using #MayMeditationBliss. 🧘‍♀️🌼"


10. National Pizza Party Day (May 17 - 3rd Friday)

Perfect for pizza lovers! Share pizza recipes, host virtual pizza parties, or collaborate with local pizzerias.

Example for a Pizzeria: "Pizza joy in May! Share your favorite slices using #MayPizzaParty. 🍕🎉"


11. National Creativity Day (May 30)

Celebrate creativity. Encourage followers to share their creative projects or host virtual art sessions.

Example for a Creative Studio: "Inspiring creativity in May! Share your artistic endeavors using #MayCreativeMagic. 🎨✨"


12. Memorial Day (May 27)

Honor and remember. Share patriotic content, encourage followers to share their Memorial Day traditions, or collaborate with veteran organizations.

Example for a Patriotic Brand: "Remembering heroes in May! Share your tributes using #MemorialDayHonors. 🇺🇸❤️"


13. National Hamburger Day (May 28)

Perfect for food-related businesses! Share hamburger recipes, host virtual cook-offs, or collaborate with local burger joints.

Example for a Food Blog: "Bite into May! Share your favorite burgers using #MayBurgerBites. 🍔🔥"


14. Mother's Day (May 12)

Celebrate the role of mother's in the family. Mother's Day is a huge happening in May that can be celebrated and honored in a variety of different ways across any business.

Example for a Bakery: "Happy Mother's Day: Today from 10-12 only, treat your mom to a free cookie. #MothersDay 💐🍪"


15. National Bike Month

Promote an active lifestyle. Share biking tips, showcase scenic routes, or collaborate with local bike shops.

Example for a Fitness Brand: "Pedaling through May! Share your biking adventures using #MayBikeJourneys. 🚴‍♂️🌳"


Celebrate Holidays for a Stress-Free Social Media Strategy. As you establish your brand through lighthearted and celebratory posts, your audience becomes more receptive to your more business focused social media content. When the time comes to share your social media products, services, or more business updates, you're not just another entity in their feed – you're a familiar and trusted presence.

In essence, these easy and enjoyable holiday posts act as a stepping stone, paving the way for increased visibility and engagement when you create and share more business-related social media posts!

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