Your Social Plan Improvements: Posting Plan, Canva Integration, Easier Scheduling

Your Social Plan Improvements: Posting Plan, Canva Integration, Easier Scheduling

Wow, Social Media Marketing keeps getting easier and easier!

We've been creating Your Social Plan since January of 2016... (that's a long time for a monthly product!) and during that time we have changed and improved based on the needs of customers and the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing. 

We began as a paper planner to help plan your marketing needs and included 3 daily post prompts. Soon after we decided to add done-for-you images to the mix. Over the years we continued to improve and added our Socially Inclined Dashboard which is a complete social media software for scheduling the posts (the posts are preloaded for you and make scheduling a dream)!

We also recently developed our proprietary MVP Posting Strategy which helps to attract, connect, and convert your audience into raving fans. 

As of April 1st, 2022, we are adding back our daily posting plan (where each day is pre-planned out for you in our easy-to-use members' area) because fewer clicks are way better! This helps you to see at a glance what to post and when to post it! These posts are easy to copy and paste right into your networks if you happen to not have the PRO edition that schedules for you

We also now include Canva Templates so you can easily change your content to match your brand. They are easily accessible right from the member's area and are included all in one file and organized by date. 

Simplicity for the Win!

We have gone a step further by scheduling the posting plan right into the dashboard if you are a Your Social Plan Pro member. You can click to approve each post as is in less than two seconds, or you can change the image, caption, and networks published to right from the calendar. You can easily import the Canva file and access it right or from the dashboard to make changes quickly and easily.

Since all provided content is scheduled, you can now change to week view and slide the posts around to find an optimal time for your posting. See the video for a demo of how easy this really is!

We are excited to bring the improvements to make social media marketing easier than ever. 

Watch the video of the recent updates here!


Feature Enhancements Included in this update:

  • 3 daily posts are now dated for each day of the month.
  • Canva Templates are now included for each month's content.
  • Content can easily be rescheduled in the dashboard by clicking and dragging to a different time. 
  • Streamlined member's area with fewer clicks to reach your content. 
  • Carousel Posts can now be scheduled directly to Instagram from the Dashboard.
  • Each piece of content is now designed around our proven MVP Strategy to help you get more engagement and get more reach with each post. 

We'd love to know what you think of these updates!

If you aren't familiar with our flagship product/life-changing done-for-you marketing solution, learn more about Your Social Plan here

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