Your Social Plan vs. Socially Suite | Which one is right for my business?

A graphic showing a woman comparing two social media marketing shortcuts: Your Social Plan and Socially Suite. She is weighing the benefits of each to determine which she will use to grow your business on social media

Here at Socially Inclined, we believe all small business owners should wear a cap.

You’re an absolute hero… We mean that! You wear all the hats in your business and somehow manage to show up and keep your enthusiasm. 

Small business owners are a resilient breed of people. But, in the ever growing world of social media, we’re pressed for time and resources more than ever, making it down right impossible to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence. You get all gung-ho one week and then struggle to even check your Meta Messenger the next… 

This stuff (social media marketing) is NOT easy but it is totally necessary in today’s marketing world.

So how do you save massive amounts of time on your social media marketing without spending a fortune on a dedicated social media manager?

The answer is to find tools and systems that help make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

So we have to find systems, shortcuts, and strategies to help us make ends meet, and if there was an official definition of “Socially Inclined” it would be something to that effect - the systems, shortcuts, and strategies you need to make the most out of the little time you have as a business owner! 

So let’s talk about some of the systems we’ve created and refined these last 7 years while working with 1,000s of small business owners just like you. 

Two platforms that stand out for their ability to simplify social media marketing are Your Social Plan and Socially Suite. Both offer unique features and benefits tailored to different needs and sizes of small businesses. 

Let’s jump into a quick comparison to help you decide which one aligns best with your business goals and operational style.

Your Social Plan: Control and Content at Your Fingertips

Your Social Plan is a content-centric service that arms you with A LOT of professionally-designed, ready-to-use social media posts.

Your Social Plan is built on the premise that while content creation is a time-consuming task, some business owners prefer to personally handle when and where their content goes live.

Features of a Your Social Plan Membership:

  • 90 pre-crafted social media posts per month, divided into Motivational, Visibility, and Presence categories.
  • 60 additional Reels/TikToks to enhance engagement through video content.
  • Customizable Canva templates for brand consistency.
  • A daily social media planner to organize your posting schedule.
  • Monthly bundles of promotional and blog content ideas.
  • Digital delivery and the ability to self-cancel subscriptions at any time.

Benefits of a Your Social Plan Membership:

  • Saves time on content creation with ready-to-post options.
  • Allows for flexibility and added personal touch in posting content.
  • Encourages strategic posting with a comprehensive planner.
  • Facilitates brand personalization with editable templates.
  • Offers a varied content mix to keep your audience engaged.

Ideal for business owners who like to steer their social media ship closely, Your Social Plan (or YSP as we lovingly call it) gives you the content but lets you choose the course.


Socially Suite: Full Automation for an Effortless Online Presence

Socially Suite takes the service a step further by not only providing content but also automating the posting process.

It’s the go-to for entrepreneurs who want to set their social media on autopilot and focus on other aspects of their business.

They want to spend a couple hours once a month approving and tweaking their preloaded content and know it’s done for the entire month.

Features of a Socially Suite Membership:

  • All-in-one dashboard for managing multiple social media accounts/platforms.
  • Daily MVP Strategy content plus industry-specific posts.
  • Automatic scheduling and publishing (upon approval) of up to three posts per day.
  • Custom branding options including logo watermarking.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting for performance tracking.
  • No contracts with monthly and annual subscription plans.

Benefits of a Socially Suite Membership:

  • Maximizes time efficiency by automating social media management.
  • Ensures a consistent and professional online presence.
  • Provides expertly crafted content tailored to your industry.
  • Offers insights into social media metrics to guide your strategy.
  • Gives peace of mind with reliable customer support and flexible subscriptions.

Perfect for the time-strapped business owner, Socially Suite is the equivalent of having a virtual social media manager without the hefty salary.

Which One Should You Choose? Your Social Plan or Socially Suite

The decision between Your Social Plan and Socially Suite boils down to how hands-on you want to be with your social media and how much you value convenience.

Opt for Your Social Plan if:

  • You enjoy the process of selecting and timing your posts.
  • You have the capacity to manage your posting schedule.
  • You prefer to have direct control over your social media activity.

Choose Socially Suite if:

  • Your schedule is stretched and you’d rather not deal with the intricacies of posting.
  • You seek a comprehensive solution that handles content creation and posting.
  • You desire a set-it-and-forget-it service that still provides tailored, quality content.

In essence, Your Social Plan offers the tools to build your house, while Socially Suite not only provides the tools but also helps you build it.

Both platforms are designed to amplify your social media presence, but the level of involvement and automation differs.

Your Social Plan puts you in the driver's seat with a map and a tank full of gas, whereas Socially Suite is the self-driving car that gets you to your destination while you sit back and enjoy the ride. 

We hope this helps clarify Socially Inclined's two best-selling social media marketing solutions. Should you have any questions, leave us a comment below or click the chat bubble to reach our help desk. 

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