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10 Holidays for July Social Media

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July brings a variety of holidays and events that are great chances to connect with your audience on social media. As a small business owner, using these occasions can make your social media content strategy more lively and strengthen your relationships with your followers.

Creating interesting July content calendar for social media doesn't have to be hard. By celebrating these holidays and special days, you can create posts that your audience enjoys and that help boost your brand's visibility and engagement.

10 holidays and events to celebrate on social media in July:

1. World Chocolate Day (July 7):

Indulge your sweet tooth and engage your audience with all things chocolate. Share recipes, fun facts, or ask followers about their favorite chocolate treats.

Example for a Bakery: "Satisfy your sweet cravings! Share your go-to chocolate dessert using #ChocolateLoversDelight. 🍫😋"

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2. National Ice Cream Day (July 21):

Cool off with delicious ice cream content. Feature your best flavors, host a poll for fan favorites, or collaborate with local ice cream shops.

Example for an Ice Cream Parlor: "Beat the summer heat with a scoop of joy! Share your favorite ice cream flavor using #IceCreamDreams. 🍦✨"

3. National Hot Dog Day (July 17):

Join the hot dog celebration! Share hot dog recipes, host a condiment debate, or feature local hot dog vendors.

Example for a Restaurant: "Hot diggity dog! Share your favorite hot dog toppings using #HotDogDayFun. 🌭🎉"

4. World Jump Day (July 20):

Get active with your audience. Share jumping photos or videos, fitness tips, or encourage followers to share their jump shots.

Example for a Fitness Studio: "Jump into fitness! Show us your best jump move using #WorldJumpDayFit. 🏋️‍♀️💪"

5. Global Tiger Day (July 29):

Raise awareness about tiger conservation. Share facts about tigers, stories from wildlife organizations, or ways your brand supports conservation efforts.

Example for an Eco-Friendly Brand: "Protecting tigers starts with us. Share your commitment to wildlife using #SaveTigers. 🐅🌿"

6. International Day of Friendship (July 30):

Celebrate friendships worldwide. Share stories of friendship, host a virtual meet-up, or encourage followers to tag their best friends.

Example for a Gift Shop: "Cheers to friendship! Tag your bestie and share why they're special using #FriendshipDay2022. 👭❤️"

7. National Cheesecake Day (July 30):

Delight your audience with cheesecake goodness. Share recipes, cheesecake decorating tips, or collaborate with local bakeries.

Example for a Cafe: "Say cheese(cake)! Share your favorite cheesecake flavor using #CheesecakeLove. 🍰😍"

8. National Avocado Day (July 31):

Avocado enthusiasts unite! Share avocado recipes, health benefits of avocados, or collaborate with local avocado growers.

Example for a Health Food Store: "Avocado appreciation day! Share your favorite avocado dish using #AvocadoLove. 🥑💚"

9. World Hepatitis Day (July 28):

Spread awareness about hepatitis prevention and treatment. Share informative posts, health tips, or collaborate with health organizations.

Example for a Healthcare Provider: "Knowledge is key. Share your hepatitis awareness using #WorldHepatitisDay. 💊💉"

10. National Hammock Day (July 22):

Embrace relaxation. Share photos of hammocks, tips for creating a cozy hammock space, or encourage followers to share their favorite hammock spots.

Example for a Travel Agency: "Hang out and relax! Share your hammock hideaway using #HammockDayChill. 🌴🌞"


These holidays offer fantastic opportunities to engage your audience and showcase your brand's personality. Tailor your July social media content ideas to resonate with your niche, and enjoy boosting engagement throughout the month!

Remember, creative and strategic use of these holidays can make your social media presence shine. Cheers to a month filled with meaningful connections and social media success!

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