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14 High-Impact Post Ideas for Electricians

14 High-Impact Post Ideas for Electricians

Are you an electrician looking for ideas on what to post on social media?

Whether you're looking to engage with your audience, showcase your expertise, or educate homeowners, we've compiled a comprehensive list of tried-and-true post ideas tailored specifically for electricians. 

Growing your Electrician business requires you to consistently highlight your expertise and experience on social media.

Social media content for electricians should be a balance between motivational, engaging, and promotional posts. You should also be consistent each week with your content, posting at least once daily. But, creating and executing a social media content plan can be time-consuming and frustrating.

If this is not an area you want to tackle then stop reading right now and check out Socially Suite for Electricians. You’ll find high-quality, done-for-you social media posts specifically for electricians ready to schedule or post to the profiles of your choosing. No more stressing over what to post and spending hours creating content. 

If you have the DIY spirit and you're up for this challenge, then read on! 

14 types of social media posts you should create for your electrician business:

These14 high-impact, engaging post ideas will help you keep the sparks flying on social media.

1. Referrals and Rave Recommendations

Leverage the power of referrals and recommendations by showcasing positive client feedback on your Facebook page. Share testimonials, reviews, or even create visually appealing graphics highlighting your satisfied customers' experiences. This not only builds trust but also serves as a powerful tool for attracting new clients.

2. Spark Some Wisdom with Quotes

Share inspirational and motivational quotes often because people LOVE them. There is a reason Motivational Quotes have earned their own spot (M) in Socially Inclined's MVP posting strategy and it's because social media viewers never seem to get tired of them. Whether it's a humorous play on words that "sparks" inspiration or a motivational quote about problem-solving, these posts encourage interaction and resonate deeply with your audience.

3. Illuminate a Problem with DIY Videos

Be sure to urge your viewers to exercise caution, but addressing common electrical issues through do-it-yourself videos can be a wonderful way to position yourself as an expert as well as the go-to expert when larger problems arise. Demonstrate simple fixes or preventive maintenance tasks, emphasizing that while minor issues can be tackled, it's crucial to know when to call a professional. 

4. Promotional Posts and Sales

Announce promotions, discounts, or special offers on your services. Utilize visually striking graphics or videos to capture attention and create a sense of urgency. Regularly posting promotions increases visibility and may prompt clients to address electrical issues before they become emergencies, especially if you run an enticing special. Discover more content ideas for social media posts here. 

5. Live Video Streaming: Host an "Ask an Electrician" Q&A

Engage your audience with live video sessions, such as an "Ask an Electrician" segment. Allow followers to submit questions in real-time, providing direct responses and showcasing your expertise. Live videos foster a sense of connection and authenticity, enhancing your brand presence on social media.

6. Humor/Joke Posts & Memes

Inject humor into your social media strategy by sharing electrical-related jokes and memes. Lighten the mood and keep your audience entertained by creating a shockingly good time on your social media feeds. The more engaged your audience is, the more the algorithms work in your favor. Engaging content ensures your posts reach a wider audience and create a positive association with your brand. Learn how to do this fast with this free social media post content generator

7. Share On the Job Photos of Your Electrical Jobs

Offer a glimpse into your day-to-day work by sharing on-the-job photos. Before-and-after shots, in particular, resonate well with audiences, highlighting the complexity of electrical work and the transformation you bring to spaces. Showcase your skills and make your work relatable.

8. Personal Power: Share a few Posts

Humanize your brand by making personal posts part of your social media content plan. Offer a peek behind the scenes, whether it's you celebrating a holiday with your staff, handling electrical work at home, or enjoying your favorite local restaurant. Personal posts build a connection with your audience, fostering loyalty and trust.

9. Homeowners Tips & Infographics

Educate your audience with valuable tips on energy-saving, electrical safety, and home maintenance. Create engaging infographics that condense information into visually appealing, easy-to-digest content. From checking outlets to the benefits of surge protectors, providing actionable advice positions you as a reliable source of information.

10. Watts up?! Share Electrical Facts

Educate and entertain simultaneously by sharing intriguing electrical facts. From historical milestones to fun trivia, these posts showcase your expertise while providing engaging content for your audience. Again, social media is all about staying present in your ideal clients mind so that when they need you, you're the first one to pop into their head! Create an endless list of these facts, tips, and jokes by using Chat GPT to create social media content for your business.

11. Wired Wisdom: Share Electrical Blogs/Resource Articles

Share your blog posts or articles that delve into electrical topics in-depth. Use these posts as a marketing tool to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. The more insightful and informative your content, the more confident your audience becomes in your expertise.

12. Spotlight Your Staff or Team (No Matter How Small)

Humanize your business further by introducing your staff, each with their own post. Share their roles, interests, and perhaps a fun Q&A session. This not only builds trust with potential clients but also creates a transparent and approachable image for your business. It also gives staff members a since of belonging and appreciation. 

13. Shocking Engagement: Ask Questions/Fill in the Blank Posts

Boost engagement by encouraging your audience to participate. There is a reason engaging questions (we call them Visibility, or V, posts) are part of our daily MVP posting strategy and it's because they work! Ask questions or create fill-in-the-blank posts related to electrical topics. Engaged audiences result in higher visibility on social media platforms.

14. Local News Updates on Electrical Safety

Be the go-to source for local electrical safety updates. Share relevant news, safety regulations, or any developments in your area that homeowners need to be aware of. Positioning your page as a hub for safety information enhances your credibility and community presence.

In conclusion, social media is an electrician's best marketing friend... 

Whether you're educating, entertaining, or promoting, leveraging these ideas will help you maintain a dynamic and impactful social media presence. Ready to accomplish ALL of this without all the hard work? Let's spark conversations and illuminate your brand together with Socially Suite for Electricians. Daily engaging post for Electricians built right into a powerful social media scheduler for just $99/month. Just click to post or schedule to as many profiles as you want!  

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