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14 Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media in June

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In June, there's a lot happening with different holidays and events, giving you plenty of chances to create engaging content ideas for social media in June. Whether it's big worldwide events or smaller niche celebrations, there's something everyone can enjoy and talk about online.

For small business owners, coming up with social media content ideas for June is easier when you join in the buzz around these holidays and observances. Let's check out some fun celebrations you can include in your social media content calendar for June!

14 Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media in June:

1. National Donut Day (June 7):

Indulge your followers' sweet tooth by celebrating National Donut Day. Share mouthwatering photos of donuts, fun facts about everyone's favorite treat, or host a donut-themed giveaway.

Example for a Bakery: "Donut miss out on the sweetest day of the year! Share your favorite donut flavor using #DonutDayDelights. 🍩😋"


2. World Environment Day (June 5):

Join the global movement for environmental sustainability by sharing eco-friendly tips, highlighting conservation efforts, or showcasing your brand's commitment to green practices.

Example for an Eco-conscious Brand: "Together, we can make a difference! Share your eco-friendly hacks using #GreenLivingTips. 🌱🌍"


3. National Best Friends Day (June 8):

Celebrate the power of friendship by honoring your besties on social media. Share heartwarming anecdotes, throwback photos, or host a virtual reunion for your followers.

Example for a Friendship App: "Tag your ride-or-die and let them know they're appreciated! Share your best friend memories using #BestFriendsForever. 👭💖"


4. World Oceans Day (June 8):

Raise awareness about ocean conservation and marine biodiversity. Share breathtaking photos of the ocean, educational content about marine life, or tips for reducing plastic waste.

Example for an Environmental Organization: "Our oceans, our responsibility. Share your commitment to ocean conservation using #ProtectOurOceans. 🌊💙"


5. Father's Day (June 16):

Celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds by sharing heartfelt messages, nostalgic photos, or gift ideas for dads. Engage your audience in conversations about the importance of father figures.

Example for a Family-oriented Brand: "Dad, you're our everyday hero! Share your favorite father-child moment using #DadAppreciationDay. 👨‍👧‍👦💙"


6. Juneteenth (June 19):

Honor the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States by amplifying Black voices, sharing educational content about Black history, or supporting Black-owned businesses.

Example for a Cultural Organization: "Celebrate freedom and unity! Share your reflections on Juneteenth using #JuneteenthUnity. 🎉✊🏿"


7. International Yoga Day (June 21):

Promote holistic wellness by sharing yoga poses, mindfulness tips, or personal stories of the benefits of yoga practice. Encourage your audience to prioritize self-care and mental well-being.

Example for a Wellness Brand: "Find your inner zen this International Yoga Day! Share your favorite yoga poses using #YogaDayBliss. 🧘‍♂️🌿"


8. Pride Month:

Celebrate LGBTQ+ pride and promote inclusivity by sharing stories of acceptance, highlighting LGBTQ+ voices, or partnering with LGBTQ+-friendly organizations.

Example for a Diversity Advocate: "Love is love! This Pride Month, let's celebrate every color of the rainbow. Share your pride story using #PrideTogether. 🏳️‍🌈❤️"


9. World Music Day (June 21):

Celebrate the universal language of music by sharing playlists, concert memories, or supporting local musicians and artists. Engage your audience with trivia quizzes or polls about their favorite music genres.

Example for a Music Streaming Service: "Turn up the volume and celebrate World Music Day with us! Share your favorite tracks using #MusicDayMelodies. 🎶🌍"


10. National Selfie Day (June 21):

Encourage your followers to strike a pose and share their best selfies. Host a selfie contest, share selfie tips, or showcase user-generated content on your feed.

Example for a Beauty Brand: "Say cheese! Celebrate National Selfie Day with your best beauty look. Share your selfies using #SelfieDayGlam. 📸💄"


11. National Sunglasses Day (June 27):

Shade it up and celebrate National Sunglasses Day in style! Share photos of your favorite shades, sunglasses fashion trends, or tips for choosing the perfect pair.

Example for a Fashion Brand: "Sunny days ahead! Share your sunglasses style using #SunglassesDaySwag. 😎☀️"


12. World Social Media Day (June 30):

As social media enthusiasts, celebrate the impact and power of social media on this special day. Share insights, tips, or success stories about your brand's social media journey.

Example for a Digital Marketing Agency: "Cheers to connections, conversations, and communities! Happy World Social Media Day! Share your social media success stories using #SocialMediaDaySuccess. 🎉📱"


13. National Camera Day (June 29):

Capture the moment and celebrate National Camera Day by sharing photography tips, favorite camera gear, or stunning photos taken by your followers.

Example for a Photography Studio: "Focus, click, capture! Celebrate National Camera Day with your best shots. Share your photography skills using #CameraDayCaptures. 📸✨"


14. International Picnic Day (June 18):

Enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate International Picnic Day with your followers. Share picnic essentials, favorite picnic spots, or delicious picnic recipes.

Example for a Food Blogger: "Pack your basket and soak up the sun! Celebrate International Picnic Day with your favorite outdoor feast. Share your picnic adventures using #


As you plan your social media content calendar for Juneremember to keep your social media content engaging and inclusive. These holidays make your content relatable to your audience and build a connection with them.

Be sure to never run out of content ideas for social media by visiting the Socially Inclined blog often.

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