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18 March Holidays to Celebrate on Social Media

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As busy business owners, staying ahead of your social media content creation can seem impossible at times. Using these easy holidays and happenings posts in your social media content calendar each month can serve as the "low-hanging fruit" of social media post ideas throughout March. Additionally, these celebrations offer a unique and engaging way to connect with your audience, foster community, and ultimately grow your reach on social media.

While it's essential to have a solid foundation of business-relevant content, incorporating these fun and relatable holidays into your social media strategy serves as a powerful tool to boost engagement. The beauty lies in their universality – everyone can find a reason to celebrate or participate in these lighthearted and often quirky occasions.

Whether it's International Women's Day, Pi Day, or National Puppy Day, these events resonate with a broad audience, providing an opportunity for your brand to connect with a diverse range of followers.

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These easy-to-implement posts act as attention-grabbing hooks that draw your audience in and foster a sense of camaraderie. By participating in these celebrations, you humanize your brand, making it more approachable and relatable. This, in turn, enhances the overall user experience, building a positive brand perception among your followers.

But don't limit your content to the predictable March themes; embrace the diversity of these March social media holidays and happening and let your brand shine in the festivities.

18 holidays and events to celebrate on social media in March:

1. International Women's Day (March 8):

Celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. Share empowering stories, highlight women-led initiatives, and engage in discussions about gender equality.

Example for a Beauty Brand: "Honoring the strength and beauty of women around the world. Tag the women who inspire you using #WomenOfStrength. 💪💄"

2. National Grammar Day (March 4):

Perfect for language enthusiasts! Share grammar tips, host fun quizzes, or create engaging content related to the art of language.

Example for an Education Blog: "Let's celebrate the beauty of language! Share your favorite grammar rules using #GrammarGeeksUnite. 📚🧠"

3. Pi Day (March 14):

For math and pie lovers alike, celebrate Pi Day with content related to the mathematical constant or indulge in some pie-themed fun.

Example for a Bakery: "3.14 reasons to celebrate Pi Day with a slice of your favorite pie! Share your pie preferences using #PiDayIndulgence. 🥧🤓"

4. Employee Appreciation Day (March 1):

Acknowledge the hard work of your team. Share behind-the-scenes moments, express gratitude, and encourage others to do the same.

Example for a Tech Company: "Cheers to the incredible minds behind our tech innovations! Tag your team members using #TechTeamHeroes. 👩‍💻👨‍💻"

5. International Day of Happiness (March 20):

Spread joy and positivity. Share uplifting content, host giveaways, or encourage followers to share what makes them happy.

Example for a Wellness Brand: "Happiness is contagious! Share your happy moments using #JoyfulLiving. 😊🌈"

6. St. Patrick's Day (March 17):

Go green and celebrate Irish culture. Share themed content, host virtual events, or collaborate with local Irish businesses.

Example for a Clothing Brand: "Wear green and join the St. Paddy's Day fun! Tag your festive outfits using #StPatricksStyle. 🍀👗"

7. National Puppy Day (March 23):

Perfect for pet-related businesses! Share adorable puppy content, host a pet photo contest, or collaborate with local animal shelters.

Example for a Pet Grooming Service: "Pawsitively celebrating our furry friends! Share your pup's cutest moments using #PuppyLoveCelebration. 🐶💕"

8. World Wildlife Day (March 3):

Raise awareness about wildlife conservation. Share facts, support related causes, and encourage followers to contribute to wildlife preservation efforts.

Example for an Outdoor Adventure Brand: "Protecting the wild places we love. Share your favorite nature moments using #WildlifeWarriors. 🌿🦓"

9. Daylight Saving Time Begins (March 10):

Acknowledge the changing clocks. Share tips on adjusting to the time change or create content related to the extra daylight.

Example for a Home Decor Store: "Spring forward with style! Share your daylight saving home decor using #TimeChangeChic. ⏰🌷"

10. National Napping Day (March 11):

Add some humor to your content by celebrating National Napping Day. Share cozy nap spots or ask followers for their favorite nap-time essentials.

Example for a Bedding Brand: "Embracing the art of the power nap! Share your nap nooks using #NappingNookBliss. 😴🛌"


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11. National Reading Month (March):

Celebrate the joy of reading throughout the entire month. Share book recommendations, host virtual book clubs, or collaborate with local bookstores.

Example for a Bookstore: "Dive into a world of words! Share your favorite reads using #BookwormJourney. 📚✨"

12.World Water Day (March 22):

Raise awareness about water conservation. Share tips for reducing water consumption and support initiatives working towards clean water access.

Example for an Eco-Friendly Brand: "Every drop counts. Share your water-saving hacks using #SustainableSips. 💧🌍"

13. National Plant a Flower Day (March 12):

Embrace the spring vibes by encouraging followers to plant flowers. Share gardening tips, host a virtual flower show, or collaborate with local nurseries.

Example for a Home and Garden Store: "Blossoming into spring! Share your garden blooms using #FloralHarmony. 🌸🌼"

14. World Poetry Day (March 21):

Celebrate the beauty of words. Share your favorite poems, host a poetry contest, or collaborate with local poets.

Example for a Bookstore: "In the world of words, every verse matters. Share your favorite poems using #PoetryRealm. 📖✨"

15. National Quilting Day (March 16):

Perfect for craft and DIY enthusiasts! Share quilting tips, showcase handmade creations, or collaborate with local crafting communities.

Example for a Craft Supply Shop: "Stitching stories into every quilt! Share your quilt masterpieces using #QuiltedDreams. 🧵🎨"

16. National Nutrition Month (March):

Promote healthy living and nutrition. Share tips, recipes, or collaborate with local nutritionists to inspire your audience to make nutritious choices.

Example for a Health Food Store: "Nourishing our bodies, one bite at a time! Share your healthy recipes using #NutritionNourish. 🥑🍏"

17. National Goof Off Day (March 22):

Bring some humor to your content by celebrating National Goof Off Day. Share lighthearted moments or ask followers for their favorite ways to unwind.

Example for a Fun Brand: "Serious about goofing off! Share your silliest moments using #GoofOffGlee. 🤪🎉"

18. National Chip and Dip Day (March 23):

Indulge in some snack-themed fun. Share chip and dip recipes, host tastings, or collaborate with local snack brands.

Example for a Snack Company: "Dipping into flavor! Share your chip and dip pairings using #ChipNDipDelight. 🍟🍽️"

Putting it all together: Adding holidays to your stress-free social media content plan. 

As you establish this rapport through lighthearted and celebratory posts, your audience becomes more receptive to your business-related content. When the time comes to share your products, services, or more business-centric updates, you're not just another entity in their feed – you're a familiar and trusted presence.

In essence, these easy and enjoyable holiday posts act as a stepping stone, paving the way for increased visibility and engagement when you create and share more stress-free social media content. By integrating these "low-hanging fruit" celebrations into your social media strategy, you're not just keeping up with trends; you're actively shaping a social media presence that resonates with your audience, fostering growth and cultivating a loyal community around your brand. So, seize the opportunity this March, celebrate the quirky holidays, and watch your social media presence flourish.

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