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How to Create a Lead Magnet Worth Opting In For

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Are you finding it challenging to attract a steady stream of fresh leads for your small business? The solution may be simpler than you think – the key lies in the strategic creation of an irresistible lead magnet.

Your business content on social media should always have a purpose. A great social media content strategy should include content that inspires, engages, and builds your brand's authority. Posting content that promotes a quality lead magnet is a great way to promote your brand while still serving your audience. 

These powerful tools not only captivate your audience but also lay the foundation for meaningful conversations and, ultimately, more sales for your business. In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down all things lead magnets, exploring how you can create one that leaves a lasting impact.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Imagine lead magnets as the "magnets" drawing potential customers toward your business. These enticing incentives offer something valuable in exchange for a straightforward action – usually, the sharing of contact information. Think email addresses or phone numbers – the gateway to building valuable connections with your audience.

The purpose is to get people who are curious about your business to say “Hey, I’m open to having a conversation with you.” Once you have their email or other information, you can continue the conversation and send them through your sales funnel.

What is Not a Lead Magnet?

  • Promotional videos or content that focuses on your products or services
  • Client case studies
  • Press releases

These are all valuable marketing tools. They all lead visitors to know more about you and persuade them to buy. But they are not lead magnets. They should be on display for everyone to see.

If you’re having a hard time distinguishing whether the marketing material you have should be used as a lead magnet or not, ask:

  •  Is this material valuable to a potential customer in a way that is unique? In other words, does it share more about my industry that can’t be found easily anywhere else and build my reputation as an industry expert?
  •  Does it address a pain point or interest of my target audience?

If you answered yes, then you have yourself a valuable lead magnet. If you answered no, consider offering that material right on your website instead of behind a form.

Why Use a Lead Magnet? 

As a business, you always want an endless stream of new leads. There are many ways to do this, but a well-executed lead magnet is one of the most valuable ways to do it.

Each month you create social media content for your business that encourages people to download your value-add (another word for lead magnet). Essentially, a lead magnet gives you a list of people to work as warm leads. These are people who have their defenses down more than people who have never heard of you.

When someone opts in for your lead magnet, they’ll receive your offer, and you receive their information. You can now nurture these leads, typically through email or SMS marketing. Move these leads through your sales funnel by continuing the conversation and solving their greatest pain point by selling them your products and services.

7 Irresistible Lead Magnet Types  

Now that we’ve covered the basic elements of a lead magnet that will get your audience interested, let’s look at some examples. Here are seven awesome lead magnets your followers will be happy they opted in for.

1. Free e-book

We’ve talked about how well e-books can convert in the past because they are a great way to provide value to those who opt-in. An e-book can be as small as 2,000 words. The most successful free e-books are those that are rich in useful content that resonates with your audience and the perfect format to give pro tips for a specific topic. It could be a guide or “how to” on a topic that relates to your industry and audience.

Example: The Guide to Naturally Fighting Inflammation.

2. Templates

Proposals, email communications, and product launch plans are all examples of the template lead magnet. Templates share information by providing a skeleton for people to build upon. They can be as simple as a worksheet with questions to fill out, or as complex as a stellar sales email to be customized. This can be helpful for people needing to make a business plan or learning how to craft fantastic communications. Templates are enticing because they offer to do the work for the customer.

Example: Fill-in-the-blank EmailTemplate for Small Businesses

3. Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love free coupons and discounts? Imagine seeing a banner on a website offering 15% off. Wouldn’t you click on it? Discount code lead magnets are dually beneficial: you get the customer’s contact information, and you have a chance to make revenue right away as they have to make a purchase to redeem their reward.

Example: Get 15% off your order with this coupon emailed to your inbox!

4. Exclusive Deals 

Similar to discount codes, deals can be offered to “exclusive members” of your email or SMS list. This plays into a longer game with your email and SMS marketing strategies, as you’ll need to create content with deals for your members. This also serves as a way to build relationships with customers. Make them feel valuable as members by keeping them updated with the inside scoop.

Example: Become a free member to get exclusive deals!

5. Free Trials

Do you have an online tool or offer a monthly service? Give potential customers a free trial! Let them enjoy all the benefits for free for a limited time. Show them all of the awesome features of your service or tool. Pack so much value into your free trial they won’t be able to stop themselves from continuing their subscription after the trial.

Example: Enjoy the premium version free for 30 days!

6. Consultations

Consultations are perfect for customers who know what they need, but aren’t quite sure where to invest their money. In a consultation, you can review a customer’s situation and tell them how you can help. As a lead magnet this can be extremely valuable to you because the consultation tells you exactly what the customer needs. Your post-consultation messages should target their specific problem and how you can help. A consultation is great for many businesses including handymen, software companies, fashion experts, marketing experts, and more!

Example: Don’t know where to start? Let us help. Get your free consultation today!

7. Free Shipping Offers

Ready for another discount idea? This example is for companies who ship products to customers. Offering free shipping is another attractive freebie to offer within a lead magnet. Similar to discount codes, this offer is great because you get their information and likely revenue from the purchase they make redeeming their free delivery. It’s a win-win.

Example: Enter your email to receive a coupon for free shipping!

Learn how to Create an Incredible DIY Lead Magnet.

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Get More Leads 

Every business, regardless of size, stands to benefit from a thoughtfully designed lead magnet strategy. Whether it's a free consultation, a trial of your services, or an information-packed e-book, you're not just attracting leads – you're providing real value. In return, customers willingly share their contact information, creating a symbiotic relationship.

It's a win-win situation that not only boosts your leads but also fosters lasting connections with your audience. Ready to elevate your business growth? It all begins with the creation of an irresistible lead magnet.

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