TAT -Link in Bio - Mini Website - Business Card Masterclass

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Introducing Link in Bio - Mini Website - Business Card from our Take Action Series!

Join Julie and Jess, expert social media coaches, as they guide you through the essential steps of creating a Link in Bio page using Canva. This indispensable training is a must-learn for every online business owner.

During this engaging workshop, you will delve into the "what" of the Link in Bio feature on Instagram. Discover its purpose and how it can benefit your business. Gain valuable insights into the best practices for effectively mentioning the Link in Bio in your Instagram posts.

Unravel the mystery behind why utilizing this clickable link is crucial for marketing on Instagram. Learn why it holds the key to your "lead funnel" and become aware of its undeniable importance on the platform.

To unlock the full potential of this training, the dynamic duo will guide you step-by-step on how to craft your very own Link in Bio page using Canva – a fantastic opportunity to create a mini-website for free. Once completed, you'll gain the knowledge necessary to seamlessly connect it to your Instagram account, allowing you to maximize your online presence.

Take action today and elevate your Instagram marketing game with Link in Bio - Mini Website - Business Card Masterclass.

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