Wondering where to start?

Did we just hear you say you don't know where to start in growing your business online?

Or maybe you're thinking... I've already bought a training and all it did was overwhelm me to the point of not knowing what I need to actually do... much less where I need to start! 

Let us help you with that so you can finally free yourself from social media overwhelm, learn where to start, and know exactly what action to take! 

We want to help you work smarter!


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The difference is ACTION.

You can have the fanciest tools and trainings in the world... You can have the most cutting-edge knowledge and hacks....

BUT, if you don't know how to take action using that knowledge, it's useless!

That's why we created this training! 

We deliver 50 expertly led trainings that you can take action on and see results.... right now!

Take Action Training Series

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Get Unstuck with our Take Action Training Series🚀

What has been stopping you?

Maybe it's the same thing that stopped us when we first started.... 

We were so overwhelmed that we had no idea where to start.

We had so much we wanted to do but because we were so confused, a lot of times we didn't know which action to take... so we did NOTHING!

We'd spam our social media followers and just hope something would stick... only to be gravely disappointed!

We felt unauthentic, salesy, and invisible to our family and friends... much less the new audience we knew we needed to reach!

That is what we're going to help you with today.

Even if you feel like it's impossible to get started... or like you'll never catch up to the competition! 

Even if your space is FLOODED with competition... knowing where to start and how to take action is going to CHANGE your life! 

We are here to tell you that right now is THE BEST TIME to get authentic, visible, and valuable with your online marketing efforts because this Take Action Training Program will make your journey 100 times easier and more effective than it was when we first started.

Plus, as everything moves more virtual these days, the time has never been more perfect.

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What's inside the Take Action Training Series?

Inside this incredible training program, you will get FIFTY (50) action-focused, bite-sized trainings that will help you get results FAST!

We've helped over 5,000 small biz owners just like you FREE themselves from social media overwhelm and build a business they love waking up to! We can help you too!

Each training is a no-fluff, all-value, ROAD map to doing the thing you need to do to move your business forward! 

Topics include things like...

Facebook Groups

In our Facebook Groups Take Action Training, we discuss the what, why, but most importantly the HOW-TO of Facebook Groups!

If you’re looking to grow your online business by offering valuable content that your audience can’t get enough of, a Facebook Group absolutely must be in your marketing mix.

In this Take Action Training you will also learn modern Facebook Group strategies that will turn your cold leads into happy, paying customers who just can't wait for the next thing you have to say!

Engagement Help

In our Social Post Engagement Training, we discuss the what, why, but most importantly the HOW of Getting Engagement & Increasing Reach!

We share the ins & outs of content reach and engagement and why you may not be getting the amount of engagement you think you should. We specifically discuss the algorithm and how to make it work for you, instead of against you.

Finally, we give you practical tips and tricks for consistently creating content that goes further than ever before.

Social Selling 101

If you’ve ever needed to learn more about attraction marketing, this is the place to start. We show you how to shake off the salesy “ick” and create a value-driven business that delivers the content your followers can’t get enough of.

Finally, we provide specific action items and resources for doing this like the pro you know you are!

You will find a Social Selling workbook here that will help do's and don'ts and planning your content. We have also included two versions of a social media post that you can use to attract friends and family to help support small businesses. 

A total of 50 business-building trainings!

Here's the complete list! Each training is a Masterclass led by Julie and Jess, complete with an action-focused resource and steps you can implement instantly!  

  1. Content Class 101
  2. Goal setting you can actually do! 
  3. Monthly Newsletter Magic
  4. Reels for Business
  5. Pinterest for more Leads
  6. How to Make a Website that WORKS!
  7. Twitter for Business
  8. How to design a Scroll-stopping Graphic! 
  9. DIY Photoshoot 
  10. Repurposing Content 
  11. Email Marketing 102 
  12. Email Marketing 101
  13. Carousel Posts 
  14. The Art of Asking for Referrals   
  15. Holiday Promo Planning
  16. How to get comfortable selling your stuff!
  17. LinkedIn 201 (Page)
  18.  LinkedIn 101 (Profile)
  19. Project Management for Solopreneurs
  20. How to get MORE done in LESS time!
  21. Social Interaction Strategies for more engagement fast!
  22. Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  23. Facebook Live 2.0
  24. Facebook Live
  25. Using Curated Content
  26. Logo Design
  27. Turning Post Prompts into Profit
  28. 9 Block Posts for Instagram
  29. Autoresponder for Freemium - Part 6
  30. Landing Page for Freemium - Part 5 
  31. Delivering a Freemium - Part 4 
  32. Promoting a Freemium - Part 3 
  33. Designing a Freemium - Part 2 
  34. Creating a Freemium - Part 1 
  35. Creating a Facebook Group that Converts
  36. Optimize your Facebook Profile to capture leads FOR you!
  37. Leveraging the power of your WHY!
  38. Getting MORE Engagement
  39. Social Selling the Right Way
  40. Social Post Caption Writing
  41. How to Focus your efforts on Facebook to get results!
  42. Using Facebook Stories to build know, like, & trust.
  43. How to grow using other people's Facebook Groups.
  44. How to optimize your Facebook Business Page!
  45. Creating a Content Theme that attracts more people.
  46. Instagram - Link in Bio Page
  47. Graphic Design for Everyone! 
  48. Instagram Profile Optimization
  49. Hashtags 201
  50. Hashtags 101


This changes everything!

Here are just a few A-ha moments our TAT students have had along the way! 

No Fluff... We Promise!

This Take Action Training Product is all about getting you to the place you want to be in your business! 

We have coached over 5,000 small business owners in the last 5 years!

We have seen them struggle to understand and implement online marketing strategies taught in other courses that cost as little as $20 and as much as an annual salary! The reality is... if you don't know how to implement... how to take action with the little time and resources you have... nothing is going to help! 

TAKE ACTION is about to change the course of your business for good! You just have to take the first step and grab your seat in our training! 

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