TAT - Lead Magnet - Auto Responding E-mails Masterclass

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Introducing Lead Magnet - Auto Responding E-mails!

In our latest video, we wrap up our series on "Freemiums" (also known as Lead Magnets) by unraveling the secrets behind crafting auto-responder emails that handle the workload for you! This is an essential skill for any online business!

In this Take Action Training, we cover everything you need to know:

1. The What: Discover the concept of an auto-responder and learn the best practices and guidelines for crafting compelling ones. This knowledge is crucial for writing effective emails!

2. The Why: Understand the significance of having an auto-responder at your disposal to effortlessly automate your business tasks. Discover the benefits and reasons why you can't afford to overlook this strategy.

3. The How: We take you through a step-by-step process on how to create and automate your Freemium delivery email. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by offering a helpful fill-in-the-blank template as a bonus for attendees. This template empowers you to develop your authentic auto-responder tailored to your unique business needs!

Join us and unleash your potential for success! Once you complete this training, feel free to share your action-oriented achievements in the comments. Let's take your online business to new heights!

To your success,

Julie & Jess - Socially Inclined